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LFT Realty Inc.

LFT Websites wanted to give the folks at LFT Realty a brand new shiny 3D Logo much like the new real estate they push.

LFT Websites

LFT Websites is taking logo design to the next level. As an added bonus we came up with the idea of making the logos in 3D.  To launch the new 3D logo design we created this cinematic theme video which was inspired by Marvel’s Avengers more specifically Iron Man.

LFT Getaways

We designed a nice logo for LFT Getaways but decide to take it one step further and redesign their logo in 3D. LFT Websites created this logo reveal video for the folks at LFT Getaways.

LFT Getaways

LFT Websites decided to create a more complex video by incorporating LFT Getaways 3d logo in this new LFT Getaways video. Notice how it hovers over the arm and even dips behind the office desk at LFT headquarters. 


Each time LFT Websites develops a website for our satisified customers we grow. Each time we design a logo for our satisfied customers we improve. Each time we create commercial for our clients we achieve new levels of creativity.

LFT Getaways

New Commercial for LFT Getaways by LFT Websites featuring the CEO once again!

Saul's Life

3D logo created for one of our clients and revealed in this commercial created by LFT Websites.

LFT Getaways

This LFT Getaways commercial features the CEO along with the primary brand LFT L2S in 3D by LFT Websites. 

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from LFT Websites! Here is a Halloween themed commercial/logo.  Send email to [email protected] for your logo, commercial or free website.

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